I have spoken around the country at TEDx events and universities about my philosophy of life and art. The core of my philosophy is that life is a canvas for art, and that actions are the purest art form. My projects have taken me from isolated wilderness areas to global conflict zones in a search for what it means to be human in a complex world. In these short videos I talk a little bit about what I’ve found and why I do what I do.

Creative Mornings ATX, 2017
(22:16 mins)

"Life As A Canvas For Art"
TEDx Napa Valley, 2014
(9:41 mins)
Complete projection performance video is here.

“ENEMIES – My Search For Light In Terrible Conflicts”
TEDx San Antonio, 2013
(14:49 mins)

“Obsessions – Life as a Canvas for Art”
Pecha Kucha, Austin, 2013
(8:23 mins)