This is what is on my desk right now…

  1. Peace bracelet – I had these made by artisans in the Kibera slums of Kenya as rewards for my Enemies Project kickstarter from 2011. (See more about the Enemies Project here).
  2. Ganesh – from my years of ashtanga yoga practice.  He’s there to help people through challenging times.  I keep him as a reminder not to give up.
  3. Tea – I drink tea all day.  Mostly Japanese green tea, but right now I have a pot of Huang Shan Mao Fang Sunset tea from Upton Tea. One of the few black teas I really enjoy.
  4. Slides – Trying to get some of my old rainforest slides scanned.  I wasn’t happy with the results. Need to send them back  🙁

On my desk on Nov 11