We Are Clouds

Projection Performance and Interactive Projection Installation

We drift over the landscape of life, and we are shaped by it and all the other people drifting who we encounter.

We Are Clouds evolved directly out of the Enemies Project. In the end of the Enemies Project I came to the conclusion that those things that divide us between cultures are less strong than all that connects us. Our lives are forever influenced by the shifting landscape of relationships that we drift over like clouds. And like clouds, we are both influenced and influence the landscape we pass over. We Are Clouds.

Projection Performance

I created We Are Clouds initially as a projection performance for my TEDx Napa Valley talk. Using my body as a canvas, the performance grew from the idea that every aspect of our lives is transformed by the people we meet as we move through time. The short piece projected on a large screen and my body simultaneously. The work also evolved from a site-specific projection installation that I created at the Archie Bray Foundation called The Fall of Man.

Read a blog post about the evolution of this work here: Body Canvas – Experiments in Body Projection

Interactive Projection Installation

After the TEDx performance of “We Are Clouds” I created an interactive installation for Emergent Arts and the Hot Springs National Park. In the exhibit, two viewers trigger a large projection to change by touching one another. The projection swirls through images and video, both concrete and abstract, creating an abstraction of the landscape of humanity that touches our lives in this hyper-connected world.

——— About The Enemies Project ———

This is one chapter in a larger project called “The Enemies Project.” In an effort to blur the distinction between art and life, I traveled to conflicts around the world seeking to unite current and past enemies. Read more about the project here.
Video: “ENEMIES – My Search For Light In Terrible Conflicts,” TEDx San Antonio, 2013
Video: “About the Enemies Project”