Infinite Paradise

I believe that the greatest artists find their soul by diving to dark depths and then returning to remind us of the beauty of life.

Beauty from Darkness As a part of my Enemies Project I spent months in Kashmir, a war-torn, occupied land that was once known as the Valley of Paradise but is now split between the super powers of India and Pakistan. While living there I was found myself entranced with the beautifully detailed work of Kashmiri paper maché artists, craftsmen who work with long histories of traditional designs, but also make their own subtle changes. After working on the Enemies Project I wanted to create work that was only about beauty, but which drew their inspiration from the people in this beautiful valley. Without thinking much about it, the meticulous detailed work of the Kashmiri paper maché artists became the inspiration for these works. The abstractions grew out of a set of abstract prints called Endless that I created from photographs I took of small metal grave markers in anonymous mass graves that dot the hillsides of the valley. At the bottom of this page I posted some images of the Kashmiri paper maché artists and their work.    


Kashmiri Paper Maché

A few images of paper maché artists and their work in Kashmir.
Lying just beneath the veneer of beauty is often a world of pain, whether it be life wrenching tragedy or just a series of disappointments.