Abstraction On Anonymity In the Valley of Paradise

“Abstraction On Anonymity In the Valley of Paradise” is a work that explores deep-seated feelings of the Kashmiri people that their struggle is unheard by the rest of the world. Inspired by the intricate paper maché designs of Kashmiri artists.  This work derives from my experience in Kashmir and my ongoing friendships and communications with the friends I made there. I am developing this work through Instagram, where it will appear day by day over a period of a month or more. Follow me on Instagram and watch the work develop here.

This summer, in August of 2019, the Indian Prime Minister Modi unilaterally declared an end to Kashmir's semi-autonomous government. When he announced this, he also cut off all phone, internet and cellular services in the state. And so now Kashmir is dark to the world. The works on this page come from my time in Kashmir trying to understand the people behind this tragic and decades long conflict.


This is a good article about the recent events: The Silence is the Loudest Sound