Elephant on the Maasai Mara, Kenya © Nelson Guda


When they come of age, young Samburu men are expected to become moran – the traditional warriors who hunt and protect the village. Young men training to be moran learn to track and hunt animals and practice skills for defending their villages from aggressive neighbors. The Grevy’s Zebra Trust hires young moran, whose skills fit perfectly with the job of protecting wildlife.

This man works with one of the Samburu land conservancies, and collaborates closely with the Grevy’s Zebra Trust.

While I was in Samburuland I was lucky to attend a coming of age ceremony when all the moran come in from the bush to celebrate their peers becoming men.

Their Own Land

The Samburu have created several Conservancies, which they manage and guard to ensure the protection of their homelands and the animals that live there. These men are standing on a high point above one of these protected lands.

Project Photos

Below are a few photos from my work with the Grevy’s Zebra Trust. If you don’t see anything refresh your browser page and they should appear.

Conservation Prints

During my trips to Kenya I created a set of Wildlife Prints to raise funds for wildlife conservation efforts.

The prints include images from this work with the Grevy’s Zebra Trust as well as an Elephant Relocation Project I documented with the Kenya Wildlife Service and World Wildlife Fund.