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A Cat in Sancerre

By Nelson Guda

Special forces veteran turned artist, Brooks Redgrave, finds his solitary life upended by an unexpected discovery. From the over-the-top NY art scene to the history drenched vineyards of Sancerre, France, ‘A Cat in Sancerre’ weaves a beautiful story of recovery from trauma amidst a whirlwind of unexpected relationships. Nelson Guda’s debut novel is informed by his experiences photographing in conflict zones and finding family in unexpected places.

Author Artist

Nelson Guda

Nelson Guda has lived many lives in many places. As a scientist he spent years in the rainforest, and as an artist his projects took him to wilderness across the US and conflict zones around the world. Determined to understand things that he is passionate about, Nelson has lived his life according to his philosophy that life is a canvas for art. Now he is bringing those experiences into fiction with richly detailed stories, filled with complex characters and lush settings. 

Nelson Guda, Author

This book needs to be made into a movie.

– D. Schwartz

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