All our sense of beauty is derived from the persistent mix of fragility and resilience inherent in the ordered randomness of nature. 

#Generative_Art  #Can_Beauty_be_Programmed

Can beauty be programmed?  Arkhangelos are meditations on the temporality and fragility of beauty. Each Arkhangelo is unique. Like a butterfly wing, Arkhangelos are covered with layers of delicate iridescent scales, which fall off with every touch revealing hidden beauty until finally the whole is reborn. So with each click, or “touch,” a new composition is revealed.

Arkhangelos are generative art born from an algorithm that builds unique works from a small set of constraints. All the works in the Arkhangelos set are generated from the same code, which I created to reflect the fragility and resilience of the natural world. The algorithm is flexible so that small changes in just a few parameters, the “dna” of the code, creates a wide array of diverse pieces. Each one is a small world of it’s own.  Click here to find a specific Arkhangelos or Go to a random Ark