Body Canvas – Experiments in Body Projection

Body Canvas – Experiments in Body Projection

I love the human body. I am enthralled with and entranced by it. I love the body when it is still and when it is in motion of almost any kind. I’ve climbed hard, spent years waking for before dawn yoga, danced excessively, fought in play, and just played. I... read more

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Dear Visitor

Greetings, hello and welcome! I am an artist, and this is my blog. I am pretty random with the frequency I post on my blog. When I am traveling I often post a lot. I love sharing the process behind my work, but I often find it difficult to make time to post about my work when I am at home in the studio. When I do delve into the inner workings of my process and the thoughts behind what I am doing, here is where it happens. To see my work, go to Enjoy exploring.

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